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208 Water Quality Management:

The principal objective of the 208 program is to maintain and improve water quality as it relates to the classification of surface waters in the Waccamaw Region. The program is funded by local 208 management agencies, supplemented by some 205J funds from the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC). Through an on-going agreement with DHEC, the 208 Director reviews all wastewater permit applications in the Waccamaw Region to ensure that they are consistent with goals of the “Waccamaw 208 Areawide Water Quality Management Plan.”

In FY2010-2011, the WRCOG has been afforded the opportunity to update the "Waccamaw Region Section 208 Water Quality Managment Plan" via an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grant issued to SC DHEC.  This has allowed the WRCOG Section 208 program to reevaluate existing water quality issues and assess new strategies to address future concerns that may affect our region.

The 208 Program Coordinator will continue to work with sewer providers to identify cost effective, environmentally sound alternatives to upgrade/expand wastewater treatment facilities in the Waccamaw/AIWW System and other parts of the region. The Program Coordinator will also work the Local Governments on non point source pollution issues.

2014 Murrells Inlet Watershed Plan: The Murrells Inlet Watershed Plan was made possible by a 319 grant funded by SC DHEC. The plan was developed by the Waccamaw Regional COG in partnership with Murrells Inlet 2020, Horry County Stormwater, Georgetown County Stormwater, Coastal Carolina University’s Waccamaw Watershed Academy and the Earthworks Group, Inc.

Murrells Inlet Watershed Plan Part A

Murrells Inlet Watershed Plan Part B

Murrells Inlet Watershed Plan Part C

Murrells Inlet Watershed Plan Part D

Public Notice: Attached is a 15-Day public notice for a Minor Amendment proposal to the Waccamaw Region Section 208 Water Quality Management Plan. The proposal is to increase the treatment capacity of the North Santee WWTP from 52,000 gallons per day to 64,000 gallons per day. This facility is owned and operated by the Georgetown County Water and Sewer District. This Minor Amendment proposal will be an action item on the agenda for the September 9th, 2013 Waccamaw Regional COG Board of Directors meeting, which will be held at 7pm at 1230 Highmarket St. Georgetown, SC 29440". PUBLIC NOTICE- August 14, 2013 208 Minor Amendment North Santee WWTP.pdf

Final Draft_2011_Section_208_Plan_Title_and_Table_of_Contents.pdf
Final Draft_2011_Section_208_Plan_Chapter_1-11.pdf

Final Draft_2011_Section_208_Plan_Appendices_A_through_M.pdf
Final Draft_2011_Section_208_Plan_Appendx_N-_Watershed_Maps.pdf



Information Resources Staff
Environmental Planning
      Daniel Newquist
      208 Water Quality/Community Planner
      1230 Highmarket Street
      Georgetown, SC 29440
      (843) 546-8502 ext: 240
      (843) 527-2302 (Fax)



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