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2014-2017 Area Plan for the Waccamaw Region Final Draft revised 06-24-13
Waccamaw Budget Documents

 WRCOG is the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) for the Older Americans Act Program in the Region. The AAA’s principal function is to plan a comprehensive and coordinated system of delivering services for senior citizens. The services provided include:

      Congregate meals
      Home-delivered meals
      Health promotion
      Family caregiver assistance
      Information, referral and assistance services
      LTC Ombudsman services
      ICARE (Insurance Counseling Assistance and Referral for Elders)

The Family Caregiver program provides support, information, education, and services to family caregivers throughout the Waccamaw region. The regional caregiver advocate works directly with caregivers to provide them with information and services that help to make their job as caregivers a successful and rewarding experience while relieving many stressors involved in being a full time caregiver.

Waccamaw Area Family Caregiver Support Group Meetings :
Georgetown Family Caregiver Support Group
Waccamaw Regional Council of Governments
1230 Highmarket Street,  Georgetown
 always be held on the first Wednesday of every month from 1 - 2 pm
North Strand Family Caregiver Support Group
North Strand Senior Center 2309 Water tower Road
always be held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 1 - 2 pm
South Strand Family Caregiver Support Group
Belin Church Education Center
4182 Belin Drive,  Murrells Inlet
 always be held the on last Wednesday of every month from 1 - 2 pm.


The Regional Information, Referral and Assistance program (I/R&A) provides a one-stop approach to provide I/R&A services to seniors and their caregivers throughout the region. This program along with an internet accessible statewide I/R&A database serves as the access point for informational services.

The ICARE program is federally funded to provide health insurance counseling for Medicare, Medicate Supplement, Medicare Savings Program, Medicare Advantage Plans and Senior Medicate Fraud programs. This program also assists seniors with Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage as well as enrollment.

The Long Term Care Ombudsman program seeks to improve the quality of life and quality of care of the residents of long term care facilities, both in nursing homes and assisted living centers. The LTC Ombudsman investigates and works to resolve problems or complaints affecting long term care residents, educates facility staff about residents rights and other issues, provides information about long term care and related services, educates the community about the needs of long term care residents, and visits long term care facilities to talk to residents and monitor conditions in the facility.  

The Assisted Rides Program is funded by the Lieutenant Governor's Office on Aging to fill the transportation gap currently facing individuals 21 and older with disabilities and individuals 60 and over, in order to enhance their quality of life by enabling them to obtain needed services and continue to live independently. Destinations where an individual could be transported might include non-emergency trips to: hospitals, doctors and dentist offices, pharmacies, social activities, grocery stores, human service agencies, etc.


Information Resources Staff
Area Agency on Aging
1230 Highmarket Street
Georgetown, SC 29440
Fax: (843) 527-2302

Kim Harmon
Human Services Director
(843) 546-8502 ext: 259  email

Brenda Blackstock
Regional I/R&A - ICARE Specialist
(843) 546-8502 ext: 1223 email
Trina Cason
Assisted Rides Program - Mobility Manager
 (843) 546-8502 ext: 1260 email

Valerie Gonzalez
Family Caregiver Advocate
(843) 546-8502 ext: 1257 email

Amanda Stoveken
(843) 546-8502 ext: 255 email 
Tasia Stackhouse
 Regional LTC Ombudsman
 (843) 546-8502 ext: 1261
 Fax: 843-436-6250  email
Laura Cason 
Aging Program Coordinator
(843) 546-8502 ext: 1228  email